Salazar v. The District of Columbia

Salazar v. The District of Columbia, 954 F. Supp. 278 (D.D.C. 1996): The firm represents a class of Medicaid recipients and applicants in a broad-based challenge to the District of Columbia's operation of the Medicaid program. The case alleged that the District of Columbia failed to deem newborns to mothers on Medicaid immediately eligible, failed to provide the opportunity to apply for Medicaid at clinics and hospitals, failed to decide Medicaid applications in 45 days, terminated people from Medicaid without adequate notice, and failed to notify families about and provide comprehensive child health services under the EPSDT (early and periodic, screening, diagnosis and treatment) program. After a trial at which the plaintiff class prevailed, the case settled while an appeal was pending and the firm continues to monitor the District's compliance with a comprehensive injunctive order.

Related Court Documents

September 1997 D.D.C. Reimbursement Procedures Order

July 1998 D.D.C. Order Partially Modifying the Reimbursement Procedures of the Amended Remedial Order of May 1997 and the Reimbursement Procedures Order of September 15, 1997

September 1998  D.D.C. Stipulated Order Partially Modifying the Order of July 30, 1998 Concerning Reimbursement Procedures

January 1999 D.D.C. Settlement Order

December 1999 D.D.C. Order Concerning Reimbursement Procedures

July 2000 D.D.C. MCO Order

July 2000 D.D.C. Technical Amendment Consent Order

August 2000 D.D.C. Technical Amendment Consent Order

September 2001 D.D.C. EPSDT Memorandum Opinion

February 2003 D.D.C. Order on Children's Blood Lead Testing and Dental Health

October 2004 D.D.C. Opinion on Children's Dental Health

October 2004 D.D.C. Order on Children's Dental Health

September 2005 D.D.C. Stipulated Order Establishing Reimbursement Procedures for Medicaid Beneficiaries Enrolled with a District of Columbia Managed Care Organization

July 2006 D.D.C. Opinion on Civil Coercive Penalties for the District of Columbia

August 2008 D.D.C. Opinion Assessing Civil Coercive Penalties against the District of Columbia

April 2009 Consent Order re EPSDT Notice and Outreach

February 2010 D.D.C. Opinion on Children's Dental Health Order Will Not be Vacated

April 2010 D.C. Circuit Opinion On Civil Coercive Penalties against the District of Columbia

August 2010 D.D.C. Memorandum Opinion Denying Motion to Terminate

February 2011 D.C. Circuit Opinion Children's Dental Health Order Will Not be Vacated

March 2012 D.C. Circuit Opinion Dismissing Appeal

April 22, 2013, OAH Order for Continuing EPSDT Benefits Pending Fair Hearing Resolution

July 2, 2013 District Court Order for Status Conference to Address Chartered Pull Out from DC Medicaid

October 2013 District Court Order Terminating Recertification Provisions of Settlement Order

February 2014 Order on Extension for Reimbursement Claims

May 18, 2015 Order on Salazar Class Members and Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Documents from CMS

Documents from District of Columbia Medicaid Agencies

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